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Icons so fantastic
It's icontastic
How To Credit 
20th-Oct-2007 09:57 pm
I've noticed a few times now that some people are not crediting; this might be because people might not know HOW to credit. So I've decided to make everyone's life easier and create a screencap 8D Please follow the rules here! Thanks so much! THIS POST WILL STAY OPEN!

This section could be anything you want it to be. Teuki is a sexy bitch, Teuki and panda, etc etc XD

This is where the crediting comes in. As you can see in the screencap, I wrote nidema but you can write anything from magiclucywink to magiclucywink@nidema this goes the same for squishyorb. Something along the lines of "This icon was made by squishyorb is acceptable too.

Magiclucywink or Squishyorb


Magiclucywink/Squishyorb @ Nidema

If you have anymore questions. Please don't hesitate to comment here and ask. We want the credit to be there =D Thanks for reading!! Also, for those who have already been crediting, THANKS SO MUCH!

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