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Icons so fantastic
It's icontastic
16th-Feb-2009 08:05 pm
Due to squishyorbs's schedule, she is not able to keep this community as updated as we would like. So I decided to revamp the affiliates post.

If you would like to affiliate with nidema, please fill out the following form.

frh_icontest An icontest for the Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit.
wasurenaideyo The icon community of 148km
eerie_graphics Icon community of eerie_feelings
impartiality thrift's graphic journal with tons of goodies.
utatsuki Graphics is a community for thecombatbutler and briar
kanfufighting Icon community of tadayoshi
the_candy_box Graphics community of tinseltown16
kireigoto The creative journal of sweetscraze. Poems, Icons, Songs, and much more!
kpop_uploads The name says it all!
sundaexsuki Wonderful mixture of music shared by sweetscraze and magiclucywink
epiclyintense A J-Rock Graphics Community
riotanthem graphics comm for plasticpistols
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