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Icons so fantastic
It's icontastic
16th-Feb-2009 08:05 pm - Affliates
Due to squishyorbs's schedule, she is not able to keep this community as updated as we would like. So I decided to revamp the affiliates post.

If you would like to affiliate with nidema, please fill out the following form.

Current AffiliatesCollapse )
20th-Oct-2007 09:57 pm - How To Credit
I've noticed a few times now that some people are not crediting; this might be because people might not know HOW to credit. So I've decided to make everyone's life easier and create a screencap 8D Please follow the rules here! Thanks so much! THIS POST WILL STAY OPEN!

Crediting is a key point to successCollapse )
8th-Oct-2007 02:14 pm - Awards; Magiclucywink
It's amazing, the I'm actually good enough to win some awards. Wanna see?

Award Count: 19
Last Updated: October 8th, 2007

Check it out yoz :PCollapse )
8th-Oct-2007 11:32 am - Awards; Squishyorb
Holy Bejeebus! :O You people actually think my icons are good enough to win AWARDS. Granted, There aren't that many. But I'm flattered ;)

Award Count: 9
Last Updated: October 21th, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!Collapse )
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